Initial consultation (up to 40 minutes) £265

Follow up consultations (up to 30 minutes) £175

Telephone discussion (existing patients only, up to 15 minutes - see below) £100

Repeat prescription for limited supply: £35

Prescriptions issued within a face to face appointment: No charge

Blood test taking fee (in addition to the cost of the blood test) - only applicable if the blood test is taken at an occasion other than in the appointment: £40

Additional letters on request £35


Telephone discussion appointments are for existing patients only and are intended for brief queries or clarification of information between appointments. You will be advised at the time of booking whether the query is suitable for this type of appointment. 


Blood test taking fee:  this is in addition to the cost of the blood test and only applicable if the blood test is taken at an occasion other than at the time of your appointment, e.g. if you chose to have a video or telephone consultation but then have to return to the clinic for a blood test. This fee does not apply if it is a face to face consultation, in which case the blood test would be taken then in the consultation, and hence a separate appointment for a blood test would not have to be booked.


You will be prescribed enough medication during your appointment to last until your next review and repeat prescriptions are discouraged without an appointment. If you have not attended a review appointment and you then run out of your medication, provided it is appropriate to issue, a prescription for a limited supply of medication will be given until you can attend an appointment, this will incur a fee as above.


Our clinic Cancellation Policy can be found HERE

Name of Profile
Blood Tests
Well Person Profile
Full blood count, Kidney function, Liver Function, Lipids (cholesterol), Thyroid function, HbA1c (diabetic check), Bone profile, Ferritin, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D.
Hormone Profile 1
Oestradiol, SHBG, Testosterone
Hormone Profile 2
SHBG, Testosterone
Hormone Profile 3
Oestradiol, SHBG, Testosterone, Thyroid Function
Hormone Profile 4
FSH, LH, Oestradiol

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